Choosing a Breeder

Breeding quality dogs is a time, resource and education intensive activity. Someone who breeds dogs responsibly does not make money from the breeding. They do it because they are dedicated to the breed and are hoping to improve it by careful breeding. To find such a breeder, you’ll need to do some research.

Contact the Weimaraner club in your state – in Victoria you can contact the Weimaraner Club of Victoria Inc. Talk to other Weimaraner owners and learn as much as possible about the breed. The Weimaraner Club Victoria holds several events each year and the club secretary will be able to tell you about what is coming up and where you can see a large number of Weimaraners.

The time and effort put into finding a quality breeder will reward you many times over. You’ll be assured of dog bred to have sound health and temperament, plus you’ll have continued access to a knowledgeable resource – your breeder. You will not get this type of support and knowledge from a pet store or casual breeder. You will need to decide for yourself whether or not a particular breeder is right for you.

Below are some things to consider as you look for breeder:

  • A responsible breeder will interview you, the buyer. They will want to know that you are able to provide the adequate care, fencing, training and attention a Weimaraner needs. They want to be sure of the you are aware of the responsibility of dog ownership and that you will be able to care
    for the animal for it's entire lifetime (which may be as long as 12 or 14 years).
  • You will be able to see that the breeder has had a long involvement with the breed. They will have books about Weimaraners and photos of the dogs. They may have ribbons or awards that the dogs have won. They will belong to the Weimaraner club in their state and perhaps other dog clubs (Obedience or All Breeds). They will follow the breeding guidelines and/or Code of Ethics of these Clubs, their state Canine Controlling Body and the ANKC. A more definitive guide on the breed is available from the Weimaraner Club of Victoria.
  • The breeder will know the ancestry of the puppies, they should know more than just what is written on the pedigree. They should be able to tell you about the personality of various relatives of the puppies. They should know the strengths and weaknesses, both physical and temperamental. They should be able to tell you things like what it was to work the puppy’s grandmother or how the grandfather went in the show ring. The breeder should be able to tell you why they mated this particular bitch to that particular dog, and what they expect to improve on by the mating.
  • The breeder will be able to tell you about health problems affecting the breed. ALL breeds have health problems.
  • The puppies will be cared for in a clean and comfortable area. The puppies should be outgoing and energetic. In accordance with the Victorian Canine Association’s Code of Ethics, puppies should not be separated from their littermates until after eight weeks of age, and therefore, you should be able to view all of the puppies (bearing in mind that some may be retained by the breeder or sold already). By eight weeks the puppies should have been wormed and received the first of their vaccinations (a veterinarian’s record card should be provided).
  • Some breeders will require you to sign a contract. This contract is of mutual benefit and should contain the full names of the parents of the puppy, registration numbers as well as the puppy’s name and registration number. If you agree to partnerships or leasing arrangements this must also
    be detailed in the contract. If you as a purchaser have special requirements, these to should be noted.
  • In accordance with the Victorian Canine Association’s Code of Ethics and that of the Weimaraner Club of Victoria, the breeder must supply registration papers for puppies registered with the VCA Inc. The breeder may elect to register puppies on the full register or the limited register and should advise the purchasers on to which of these registers their particular puppy has been placed. The breeder should supply literature about feeding, desexing, parasite control and health (including the vaccination certificate). The Weimaraner Club of Victoria requires breeders to have the puppies’ ear tattooed as a means of identification should the dog ever be lost. Micro-chipping is now available in Victoria and some breeders may be using these on the puppies. Please consult your vet on this matter.
  • You will probably have to wait. Responsible breeders do not always have puppies available. A couple of litters for the year he is typical, but many breeders only have a litter every few years. A female dog shall never be bred from more than once a year.

Finding a breeder you can trust is very important. When you buy a puppy, you are making a commitment for the life of the dog. While no breeder can guarantee that you will be getting the “perfect puppy”, you should feel that your puppy was bred to be what you are looking for a Weimaraner.

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